About Me

I'm a software developer, health and fitness enthusiast, and lifelong learner. My ultimate passion in life is mastering skills, and challenging myself with new opportunities. From computer programming to amateur bodybuilding, testing the limits of my knowledge and dedication is what drives me in life.

My main professional goal is fullstack development for web applications, primarily using Typescript with React/Redux.


IKEA US Digital Hub

Tech Lead | Front End Development

I joined IKEA's US Digital Hub launch in the summer of 2020 as a software engineer. My team worked on ikea.com's cart and checkout front end experience. One of our most abitious features was product pick-up from FedEx locations, to ease supply chain restraints during the COVID pandemic.

My passion for mentoring my fellow engineers and collaborating on cross-team initiatives was noticed, and I was promoted to Tech Lead in February 2021. In this role I was held responsible for all code published from my team, defined best practices for code style, version control, code review etiquette, and of course offered an open door policy if any of my engineers needed help!

Vistar Media

Full Stack Web Development

Vistar Media is an ad-tech company, translating online targeted advertising to digital out-of-home media. In other words, playing coffee ads on electronic billboards when coffee lovers walk by! I started working there in February of 2019, my primary role being development on its online platform to traffic ads.

Vistar's tech stack is not for the faint of heart, my favorite components include Typescript, React/Redux, Python Flask, and Golang! Vistar's culture of well rounded developers allowed me to focus on modern front-end paradigms, while also exposing me to API design and back-end infrastructure.

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Full Stack Web Development

I interned at JP Morgan Chase & Co. during the summer of 2018. While there, I made a really cool Python script for my team to easily delete build artifacts from their complex continuous integration pipeline. Senior devs liked it so much they asked me to expand it to be a web application so every developer in our line of business could use it! I used Flask as my server-side engine, and Jinja2 as my templating engine.

I deployed my web application to the internal cloud infrastructure, which was based on Cloud Foundry technology. I also hooked in a logging microservice with the help of Splunk, so we could keep track of how many times my application was used (spoiler, it was a lot!).

Harris Corporation

DevOps and Automation

I interned at Harris Corporation during the summers of 2016 and 2017. My first summer's task was automatically generating hundreds of pages of government documentation. I used Python as the base of my script, SQL to query databases for relevant information, and pywin32 to format everything in Microsoft Word.

My returning summer, I was tasked with creating and configuring Jenkins pipelines for the GPSIII flight and test code. I accomplished this by developing some Batch scripts which Jenkins would run every night to pull code from source, and do the complex setup to build.



Pushing the limits of my mind and body is what drives me, and bodybuilding is the ultimate combination of the two. I started my journey in January of 2017, and have been dedicated ever since. This personal pursuit has taught me the merit of discipline, and the satisfaction of hard work.

Indie Game Development

Playing video games have always been one of my favorite hobbies, so I thought "why not make my own?" I participated as a member of the Stevens Game Developement Club for three years, competing in their "Game Jam" competitions. A game jam is short period of time in which to make a game; it could last for a few months, a week, or only 48 hours!

I have recieved critical acclaim for my games, including three 1st place awards, and four "top 3" placings: more than any club member during my activity!

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